Performant and updated polishing tools designed with a strong experience gained in the field of the glass and stone processing: this is Abratech, in Pesaro, since 1999.


The goal of Michele Lenti, the founder, is immediately clear: to design and manufacture high performance tools to be the reference point for all the operators in the glass, ceramic, natural and synthetic stones sectors.


Thanks to the continuous development of new materials and technologies, Abratech offers a wide range of specific tools for doubledger, straightline, CNC and manual machines. Each product is created by listening to the customers and market needs. It is a sector that requires solid skills, strong dynamism, constant research and development to compete with success.

raw materials

Aware that the today’ s products build the bases for the tomorrow’ s future, the company places primary importance on the selection of raw materials, not only of excellent quality but also eco-friendly.

In 2010, Abratech joined a new brand, K-Mek. K-Mek designs and manufactures suction cups, accessories and technical items in aluminium and plastic materials for the different sectors of application. Abratech is a great team, full of determination and passion. All this allows to establish and hold worldwide collaborations with the best distributors and manufactures of machines tools.