Mole lucidanti per pietre naturali

The wheels of the product line Star are used on CNC machines to polish the edge of natural stones, marbles and granites. Thanks to new bonds and new productive technologies, the tools of the line Star are able to guarantee an excellent quality of polishing and a constant length. Different colours are available which represent the different grits 220 (blue color), 400 (red color), 600 (grey color), 1000 (green color) and marble (yellow color) for every specific need.

ColorBlue, Red, Grey, Yellow
Grits220 - 400 - 600 - 1000 - Marble
Tool typePeripheral polishing wheels
ApplicationCNC machines
Diametersmin. 40 mm, max. 350 mm
Boresmin. 12 mm, max. 100 mm